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Publié : 24 juin 2016
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Who is Regina Wagner ?

Article rédigé par les 3AB bilangues suite à la venue dans notre cours de Régina Wagner le mardi 14/06

Her name’s Regina WAGNER. She was born in Kassel in 1989. She lives in Melsungen, right in the middle of Germany. She’s got two sisters and one brother.

She hasn’t got a pet. She can speak French, Spanish, English and Italian (just a little !). She wants to be a French and Spanish teacher in Germany. At the moment she ’s a librairian in Dreux.

She likes French food especially our meals with a starter, a main course and a dessert ! She loves reading, travelling, listening to music and meeting friends. She doesn’t like both rock music and heavy metal music. She’s already travelled a lot because she’s already visited France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Tunisia, Hungary, the USA, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Paraguay... She would like to visit South America and Canada.

For the summer holidays she plans to visit France with her German friends because she likes our country and would like to discover more big cities such as Lille, Rennes, Bordeaux, Marseille...

After all our questions it was her turn to ask us a few questions.

Thank you very much for your answers Regina ! It was a pleasure to meet you !
Enjoy your summer holidays in France !